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Men Against Domestic Violence

“Real Men Delivering The Difference" 


Mission Statement

Real Men Against Domestic Violence or Real MAD is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing domestic violence in South Carolina, ensuring that services focus on victim safety and offender accountability. REALMAD was founded 2008 and since then we have been working to get men involved in being the solution to ending violence against women.

Real Men Against Domestic Violence has worked to create and support the social change necessary to prevent and confront all forms of domestic violence. REAL MAD'S vision for the future is that the collective voices of Men in the community will strengthen public and private responses towards a proactive approach regarding Domestic Violence. REAL MAD will achieve our mission through education, activism, training, prevention, technical assistance, legislative development and advocacy, and leadership development. 

Our Mission

To end all forms of violence to females and males. Also to promote peace in our homes, schools and communities. 

To provide proactive strategies that intervenes on the cycle of abuse and violence. We seek to reduce the impact of domestic violence on children and the next generations.

  • Physical Abuse
    Abusers will exert physical force like: pushing, punching, strangling, burning, shooting, dragging, restraining, locking in the house, throwing down stairs, kicking, poking, slapping, cutting, tripping, holding down, hair pulling, squeezing, suffocating, kidnapping, etc.
  • Verbal Abuse
    Abusers partake in: name calling, yelling, making demeaning comments, nagging, cussing, threatening, belittling, constant phone calls, actively undermining their partner’s authority with children, telling them that they are a bad parent, telling them they can’t control their kids, and setting them up to be humiliated in public or in front of family and friends. This often occurs early in the relationship, and continues to increase in severity as time goes on. Survivors often report that this type of abuse is more difficult to heal from than the physical injuries because verbal abuse is such a betrayal of trust and harmful to the victim’s self esteem. Verbal abuse is often accompanied by Controlling Behavior.
  • Controlling Behavior
    Abusers are trying to undermine their partner’s independence, make them feel bad about themselves, and get them to take the responsibility for whatever is wrong. Often there is a long period of controlling behavior that begins with dating relationships and is initially interpreted as love by both parties in the relationship. These behaviors include verbal messages of “star-crossed” love, like: “You’re the only one that understands me,” “I can’t live without you,” “I could never love anyone else,” and “We will take care of each other’s every need.” Other examples of controlling behavior can include: sexual jealousy that grows to extreme proportions very quickly, including obsessive focus on prior relationships or becoming extremely angry when prior relationships are even hinted about. Abusers will often accuse other people of looking at their partner or flirting with them; tell their partner what they should wear, who they can talk to, and that the abuser’s opinion is always the right one. Abusers are frequently critical of family and/or friends and will do things that sabotage their partner’s ability to get together with their family/friends, and will often cause scenes. Abusers also will sabotage their partner’s employment, like refusing to get a car repaired that will result in their partner’s inability to reliably get to work, as well as going back on agreements to provide child care and/or other parenting obligations.
  • Sexual Abuse
    Abusers may exhibit behavior like: making degrading sexual comments, forcing sex, assaulting breasts or genitals, forcing a partner to have sex with a third person, criticizing appearance, bragging about infidelity, and forced cohabitation.
  • Emotional Abuse
    Abusers might employ the tactics of: making threats of violence, forcing their partner to do degrading things, controlling activities, frightening their partner, using their partner’s children or grandchildren as leverage against them, killing a family pet, creating crisis, embarrassment, and threatening to tell others about their sexuality in the case of LGBTQ+ couples.
  • Financial/Economic Abuse
    Abusers might: destroy property, prized possessions, relatives’ property; take or deny money; restrict access to household finances and withhold medical treatment; not allow their partner to work or attend school; and force their partner to work.
  • Neglect
    Abusers might omit or fail to do what a reasonable person should do under certain circumstances. It includes failure to provide food, shelter, clothing, and personal hygiene to a dependent person who needs such assistance; failure to take care of the needs of the dependent person; and the failure to protect the dependent person from health and safety hazards.


Domestic violence is not physical violence alone. Domestic violence is any behavior intended to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, girl/boyfriend or intimate family member. Abuse is a learned behavior anger, mental problems, drugs or alcohol, or other common excuses do not cause it. Anybody can be a victim, regardless of wealth, race, age, religion, or education. 

Real MAD

  • REAL MAD-REAL MEN AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ... is a grassroots, community driven, non-profit organization in Charleston South Carolina; that strives to provide ongoing domestic violence awareness, prevention, and education in South Carolina. 

  • REAL MAD- is proactive and ready and able to reach out to educate and encourage those who are living and have lived with domestic violence. 

  • REAL MAD- The organization works with children, teens, men, women and is willing to lend helping hands to everyone in need. 

  • REAL MAD-will work to break the Cycle of Abuse and Violence, to reduce the impact of domestic violence on children and the next generation. 

  • REAL MAD-build awareness through the public and private sector. 

  • REAL MAD-Saves Lives. 

  • REAL MAD- A safe haven for the abused and the abused family. 

  • REAL MAD- Provide help for the abuser through education, training and counseling 

  • REAL MAD- Will achieve the mission through activism, training, prevention, technical assistance, legislative development, leadership development and advocacy 

  • REAL MAD- Provide proactive strategies that intervene on the cycle of abuse and violence. 

  • REAL MAD-Seek to reduce the impact of Domestic Violence on the community. 

  • REAL MAD-Promote peace in homes, schools and communities. 

  • REAL MAD- Proactive education in schools to kids 5th grade threw college.

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