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Jessica Vernon is a trilingual storyteller, a conscious traveler, and above all, a deeply compassionate human dedicated to making a positive impact on the people and places she encounters.


As the founder of Inspirada Creative, a Storytelling and Creative Communications studio based in Charleston, SC, Jessica collaborates with diverse clients worldwide, helping founders, artists, and entrepreneurs share narratives that educate and inspire action. Jessica is passionate about working with purpose-driven startups and community organizations that are providing practical solutions to help repair our world. 


Since becoming a mother, Jessica's sense of responsibility has deepened, motivating her to take a more proactive role in shaping the community she envisions for her daughter. Recently, she has gotten involved with local gun violence prevention groups, gaining profound insights into the pervasive mistrust and fear at the root of this issue.  Believing in the transformative power of stories to heal and bridge divides, Jessica is dedicated to sharing stories of social justice, violence prevention, and the grassroots organizations working tirelessly to heal our communities. 


When she’s not writing, brainstorming, or playing make believe with her daughter, Jessica can be found in the ocean or atop a mountain. You can connect with her on IG @inspiradacreative

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