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The Tri-County Gun Violence Coordinating Council initiated the Lock it Up Campaign to address the issue of illegal and stolen firearms in the area.

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North Charleston is ranked top 5 in the nation for gun thefts from cars. The N.Chas sherriff's department reported over 400 firearms stolen from vehicles since January 2022. In the past year and a half, there have been over 108 guns stolen from unlocked vehicles in Charleston County. 

Most gun homicides involve illegal guns (Fabio et al., 2021) and gun thefts from cars are now the largest source of stolen guns (Everytown, 2022). South Carolina ranks #6 in the top 20 cities with most guns stolen out of cars (Everytown, 2022) and #11 for national rates of firearm mortality (NCHS, 2022). 

Responsible gun ownership means properly securing your firearms in your home AND in your car. 

The Lock It Up Campaign is Sponsored by the Tri-County, Gun Violence Coordinating Council (GVCC) with the support from CCPD and Sheriff’s Departments across the Tri-County area, Greater Charleston Area Moms Demand Action, and the BeSMART program. Tune in to local Charleston radio stations to hear our PSA on the air! 

Additional coverage on this issue: "Hicks: Carelessness is a warm gun ... stolen from an unlocked car"

In the Studio: Recording the Lock It Up PSA

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